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World Bank Internships 2022 – WB Paid Summer Internships

World Bank Internships - WB Paid Summer Internships
World Bank Internships – WB Paid Summer Internships

Fully-paid World Bank Summer Internship Program (WB Internship) 2022 is available for students to participate. The summer internships by World Bank are open for all subject offerings and international students.

World Bank Internship Program:

World Bank, a well-renowned financial institution is offering a world-class opportunity of internship for the enrolled students of Undergraduate and post-graduate programs. The fully-funded Worldbank Internship program at the World bank departments is out of a world opportunity for all interested candidates to dive deeper into World Bank’s working mechanism and learn new working skills by working with the world’s best representatives serving at World Bank.

Benefits for Shortlisted Candidates of Worldbank Internships:

The shortlisted students can not only learn new things but can also practically implement their ideas by working under the shadow of diverse officials and working in a progressive environment. Furthermore, it is an amazing chance to add practical work experience to CVs.

World Bank Summer Internships are open in development operations as well as other functional areas of business (such as Human Resources, Communications, Accounting, and so on); however, availability during a specific internship period is governed depending on the business need.

The goal of the internship is to allow students to learn about the working mechanism of the World Bank in the hopes that some of the candidates would want to work for the Bank in the future after they finish their studies. Internship work differs for each candidate based on the academic background of the students. Some internees conduct research for specific projects, while others assist in project design and occasionally engage in new functional projects introduced by World Bank.

Offering for the shortlisted students by World Bank:

The Word Bank internship program is a fully-paid opportunity for the students. It mainly offers travel (airfare) and other expenses, along with professional experience. Based on the candidate’s educational background and experience, the approximate World Bank Internship wage ranges from $ 20 to $ 30 per hour.

In general, interns are not paid on holidays or weekends unless they are compelled to serve during those times in exceptional circumstances. As a result, the World Bank pays one of the highest rates of any intergovernmental body for internships. The World bank internship program also plays a part in building communication skills, teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving techniques, project management, and a lot more. The students who get the chance to work in such a well-reputed institution experience a great opportunity to work with several prominent and highly-competent representatives working at World Bank.

World Bank Internships Fields of Operation

World Bank offers internships in several fields and disciplines based on the academic background of the shortlisted students. Students having a background in the following fields can apply Human Development (Public health, Education, Nutrition, Population), Engineering, Computing, Finance, Social Sciences (anthropology, sociology), Environment, Agriculture, Economics, or Corporate support (Accounting, Communications, Human Resources Management, Information Technology, Treasury, and other corporate services).

Broad Horizon of World Bank Internship Program

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