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Türkiye Scholarships receives record applications

The applications have come from over 170 different countries, and come in line with the growth of international students in the country after the last 10 years.

“Turkey has increased its international student numbers from 40,000 to more than 250,000 in the last 10 years,” Ayşe Deniz Özkan, vice director for Global Education and Partnerships and the Istanbul Aydin University, told The PIE News.

“We have a huge higher education sector with more than 200 universities (public and endowment) and 60,000 academic programs at all levels.

“Internationalisation and quality assurance have been high on the agenda of the sector during this period,” she continued.

The surge will undoubtedly create a long waiting list as only 4,000 students are awarded scholarships each year under the program, with 2,000 enrolled in the graduate stream.

Nuri Ersoy, the culture and tourism minister, also commented on the number of students continuing to study in Turkey.

“When we consider that the number of UN member states is 209, the fact that 15,000 international students are continuing their education from 145 different countries [here] the clearest indicator of how wide a geography the program has reached around the world,” said culture and tourism minister Nuri Ersoy at a graduation ceremony for international students.

“There has been a good synergy among different stakeholders and their activities of international student recruitment”

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