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The 2022 Richard Rawle Memorial Scholarship Has Been Awarded

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Check City was founded in 1986 when the first store opened in Virginia. After 30 plus years of serving customers’ financial needs, Check City has grown into a large and loving financial community with over 70 locations nationwide, and a passion for community service.

Each year Check City funds the Richard Rawle Memorial Scholarship, a scholarship essay contest that honors the Check City founder, Richard Rawle, and the Check City mission to be compassionate members of the community.

This scholarship is awarded each year to a college student who displays a passion and drive to give back to their community. This year, the 2022 Richard Rawle Memorial Scholarship has been awarded to Ashis Dhakal, a young man who has given back in a multitude of ways and shows great promise to continue making the world a better place in the future with his college degree.

Ashis Dhakal started a nonprofit foundation called Namaskar United, and it is his mission to use this nonprofit organization to help others in many ways. Namaskar United has collected all kinds of donations, from clothing to hygiene products, to help people without housing, cancer patients, children with birth defects, and people struggling in developing countries. They have already raised over $5,000 and gathered hundreds of donations.

To help support Ashis Dhakal’s mission to help others, Check City donated $1,000 to the Namaskar United Foundation. When presented with Check City’s donation to his foundation, Ashis commented, “$1,000 can save a child’s life.”

Check City looks forward to continuing this annual scholarship to help compassionate students get the education they need to continue bettering the world around them. Find out more about the scholarship at

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