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Scientific Research Fellowship (BIPD) 039/2022 job with UNIVERSITY OF ALGARVE

NOTICE N. 039/2022


TITLE: Post-doctoral Research Grant

A call is now open for one post-doctoral research grant (BIPD) within the project 101045506-FINISTERRA-ERC-2021-COG, funded by the European Research Council (ERC), with the following conditions:

Research Field: Archaeology or related areas.

Admission Requirements: Ph.D. in Archaeology or related areas; Experience in isotope analysis of paleolithic fauna and fieldwork experience in Iberian Middle Paleolithic contexts. The grant follows the UAlg’s Research Grants Regulation, available at

Work Plan: The fellow will develop isotope analysis of fauna assemblages recovered from Middle Paleolithic sites in southwestern Iberia aiming to reconstruct paleoclimate and understand the ecodynamics of Neanderthal populations in the region.

Applicable Legislation and regulations: Status of Scientific Research Fellow, approved by the Law n 40/2004, from 18th of August, conferred by the Decree-Law 123/2019, from the 28th of July, and Ualg’s Research Grants Regulation, available at

Working place: The work will be developed at ICArEHB at UAlg, Faro, under the supervision of Dr. Jo o Cascalheira.

Duration of the grant: The grant will have a first contract of 12 months duration, beginning on the 1st of October 2022. The fellowship contract may be renewed for additional identical periods, up to 36 months, taking into account the UAlg’s Research Grants Regulation available in

Value of monthly maintenance allowance: The monthly maintenance allowance corresponds to 1.686,00 euros according to The maintenance allowance will be paid monthly by bank transfer.

Selection criteria will be as follows: Following the 2nd paragraph of article 11 of the Regulation for Research Grants of UAlg, the evaluation of candidates focuses only on the following criteria:

Candidate’s merit (50%)
Motivation letter (30%)
Interview (to the four best applications evaluated by the above criteria) (20%)
Candidates who are not selected for an interview will have a weight of 80% within the set of the other two evaluation criteria. The final classification for candidates is expressed on a scale from 0 to 20, up to one decimal place.

The tender jury comprises the following members:

– Jo o Cascalheira (President)

– Nuno Bicho (Effective member)

– C lia Gon alves (Effective member)

– Ana Gomes (Substitute member)

Publication and notification of the results: Final results will be publicized through an ordered list according to the final grade, posted in a conspicuous and public local of ICArEHB, and communicated to the applicants by email to the addresses indicated by each candidate.

Deadline for applications and submission forms: The call is open from 24/06/2022 to 29/07/2022.

The following documents must accompany applications:

– Official identification document (simple copy or legal equivalent). If you have a nationality other than Portuguese, you should present a residence permit, permanent residence certificate, or long-term resident status, valid on the scholarship start date, any of which may be replaced, in its absence, by a declaration of commitment. However, one of the previous must be delivered at the contracting phase, under penalty of forfeiture of the granting of the scholarship;

– Copy of the qualification certificates of the academic degrees held, specifying the final classification and, if possible, the classifications obtained in all subjects taken;

– If a foreign higher education institution has awarded the degrees, it must conform to the rules established in Decree-Law no. 66/2018 of the 16th of August, and all required formalities must be complied with up to the date of termination deadline for submission of the application. If the completed process is not found until the end of the application deadline, the candidate must prove that he/she has requested the recognition of the degree.

– Curriculum Vitae;

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