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Scholarships in South America in 2022-2023: Apply Now

Scholarships in South America in 2022-2023
Scholarships in South America in 2022-2023

Scholarships in South America for the class of 2023 are available for students. Application fees is not required for most South American Scholarships. Students can apply for scholarships in South America without IELTS.

Adventure, active city life, amazing landscapes, diversity, and competent schools are just some of the things that sum up South America. There are many different regions to choose from if you want to study in South America. If you want a European touch, choose Argentina and Uruguay. If you are a fan of natural beauty, parks, and beaches, choose Columbia. Pick Brazil if you fancy exotic cultures and traditions.

Before taking the plunge, take the time to research which country is best suited for your educational needs. According to Times Higher Education Rankings, some of the best universities in the South American region are the University of Sao Paolo, Pontifical Javeriana University, University of Desarrollo, University of Campinas, and Diego Portales University.

Sponsorship Package of South American Scholarships

South American Schools, Colleges, and Universities are considered one of the most generous institutions when it comes to awarding scholarships to aid students in their higher education. These institutions always strive to seek academic sponsorships for their student applicants.

Some of the benefits of South American scholarships may include full or partial discounts on academic fees, exam fees, VISA fees, dorm room facility, food, and personal expense stipend, student health card, and access to campus facilities.

These South American University rankings are highly credible and are based on the quality of research work these universities are producing, their teaching methods, and the value of their degrees in the international market.

English Language Requirement in South American Universities:

The English language requirements of each South American university is different from each other. But, most South American universities are using Latin and English as their medium of instruction. There are many English language programs available as well in South American Universities and Colleges.

IELTS Requirement at South American Universities: Optional

If you choose a degree program that is taught primarily in English you may have to submit an English language proficiency test record such as IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, DET, TOEFL iBT, Cambridge English, CAEL, etc.

Living Expense for Students in South America:

There are both expensive and cheap regions in South America. If a student chooses to live in areas like Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, or Ecuador; then the living expenses incurred will be around 800 USD.

Set aside around 1,000 USD a month for living expenses if a student happens to live in countries like Argentina, Chile, Brazil, or Uruguay. But even in these countries, some cities are even more pricey like Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.

Fully-funded Scholarships in South America:

South American schools are cheaper than North American schools. If you manage to get a scholarship there, you can save even more in terms of educational expenses. Below, is a list of some of the best scholarships available in South America that you can apply to. 

1# University of Buenos Aires Scholarships:

The scholarships at the University of Buenos Aires are reserved for students from China, Italy, and Mexico. Students from Italy and Mexico get to do specializations, study a master’s program, or get involved in a research program that cannot exceed more than six months. The recipients will get a monthly stipend and do not have to pay any tuition fees.

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