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PhD scholarship in differential geometry and geometric mechanics job with UNIVERSITY OF ANTWERP

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The University of Antwerp is a dynamic, forward-thinking, European university. We offer an innova-tive academic education to more than 20 000 students, conduct pioneering scientific research and play an important service-providing role in society. We are one of the largest, most international and most innovative employers in the region. With more than 6000 employees from 100 different countries, we are helping to build tomorrow’s world every day. Through top scientific research, we push back boundaries and set a course for the future a future that you can help to shape.

The Department of Mathematics in the Faculty of Science is advertising a

full-time (100%) PhD scholarship in differential geometry and geometric mechanics.

Position / Job description:

You will work actively on the preparation and defence of a PhD thesis at the intersection of differential geometry and geometric mechanics jointly supervised by the professors Sonja Hohloch and Tom Mestdag. This PhD position is funded by the research project Symmetry reduction and unreduction in mechanics and geometry which aims at the study of Lagrangian systems that are invariant under the action of a symmetry Lie group. Such systems appear naturally in classical mechanics, calculus of variations, and Finsler geometry.
You will present the findings of your PhD research at academic conferences and publish scientific articles related to the research project.
You will carry out a limited amount of teaching (for example, problem sessions) and research support tasks for the Department of Mathematics.
You will submit an application for an FWO PhD scholarship within 2 years after appointment, as required by the statutes of the funding project.
Your profile:

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