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Oxford University Scholarships for International Students

Oxford University (OU), also known as the University of Oxford, is one of the most diverse collegiate research universities globally. It was established in 1096, making it the oldest institution in the English-speaking region and the second-oldest across the globe. Oxford University Press, colleges, and the university itself ranks among the largest employers in the United Kingdom. In this article, we will be looking at the Oxford University scholarships for international students.

OU is not only famous for its rich history and culture but also for the quality of resources and services offered to its students. There are over 350 graduate programs offered at OU, and you can apply for more than one course at once. Are you an international student looking to study at the institution? Read on to learn more!

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Can You Study at Oxford University for Free?

There are a lot of internal and external scholarships offered at Oxford University and the United Kingdom. After your admission to the university, you can process some of the scholarships that apply to you. Kindly consider your nationality, year, course, and department when applying for awards and scholarships.

Does Oxford University offer full scholarships to international students?

Yes! Oxford University offers full scholarships to both local and international students. They have various internal scholarships and awards that international students can apply to. However, it may vary depending on your nationality, department, program, or year. Most of them cover program fees and living costs.

In the article below, we will be talking about some of the undergraduate and graduate scholarships offered to international students. Make sure to check them out!

International Students Overview

Being one of the most diverse institutions, Oxford University continues to attract students from over 160 countries. It currently hosts over 10,000 international students, which makes up at least 45% of the student body.

If you are joining as an undergraduate, you are guaranteed college accommodation in your first year. Although graduate students do not enjoy a similar service, they can consult with the school’s accommodation department regarding the available rooms in and around the university. There is also an information service department focused on providing advice and guidance to all international students.

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Tuition Fee at the University of Oxford for International Students

According to Oxford University – and other institutions within the U.K. – any student hailing from outside the U.K., the Republic of Ireland, and the “Islands” is classified as an “Overseas” or international student. As such, the fee amount payable by such students will automatically be higher than the traditional “home” rate.

As an international student, you can expect to pay a total annual fee of anywhere between $31,000 and $45,000. Keep in mind that these values are dependent on the program and the academic level (undergraduate or graduate).

International Admissions Guide at Oxford

Of course, the first step when applying for a learning opportunity at Oxford University is to check whether your selected course is still open for applications. Oxford University maintains an updated list of such programs together with all the relevant guidelines on the official admission portal. It’s worth noting that once you have chosen a course, there is no option of changing it in the next stages of your application.

Application Fee

All applicants are required to pay A non-refundable application fee of $90. Keep in mind that this is the amount charged per course. Therefore, if you apply for two courses, you will need $180 to facilitate the process.

Admissions Requirements at Oxford for International Students

If you are planning to join the Oxford University community as an international student, you will need to meet the requirements set by the United Kingdom government and the university itself. First, one must have an up-to-date passport which will act as their identification document. Any applicant whose first language is not English must complete an English proficiency test provided by the university.

You are also required to provide proof that you will be able to meet your financial needs in the U.K. This can be done by submitting your bank documents or those of your sponsor if you will not be the one funding your studies and accommodation.

Oxford University Rankings

Oxford University is currently ranked as the best research institution in the United Kingdom. Its high-quality learning resources and services also put it on top of the table in the whole of Europe. The institution is ranked fifth globally according to the most recent reports of the best global universities.

Arts and humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and clinical medicine are some of the best-ranked courses. Generally, almost all programs offered at Oxford University appear in the top 100 list of global rankings.

University of Oxford Acceptance Rate

As you would expect, Oxford University is one of the most selective universities in the world due to its overall reputation. The estimated acceptance rate for new admissions currently stands at 17% and 20% for undergraduate and graduate courses, respectively. It’s important to note that these values have significantly dropped in the past decade because of the ever-rising number of applicants.

Oxford University Scholarships for International Students

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