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Medical requirements forthose who want to study abroad

Dear Madam,

Please help me with the general immunisation or immunity certificates required for Indians before applying to study in Europe, the UK, the USA and Canada without which entry is impossible. And is it a must to have immunization records? How are we supposed to prove immunity if there are no records available?


Dear Rachana,

Each country’s visa application requires you to submit certain medical records to show that you are not entering their country with some communicable disease. Each country’s embassy will have a list of approved hospitals and diagnostic centres in every city where you are expected to have these tests done. In Bengaluru, Fortis Hospital and Elbit Diagnostic Centre are among the approved panel. For the UK, you are expected to do a TB test which is basically only a chest X-ray. For the US, you have to get the MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) as well as a tuberculosis screening. Canada, New Zealand and Australia would require a complete medical history and examination that includes a chest X-ray and analysis of urine and blood. The panel doctor will fill out a medical form stating that you are fit and have taken the required vaccines.


Dear Madam,

I have completed my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering with 62% (2.9 on the German grading scale). I intend to pursue my master’s in Germany. Is it possible for me to secure admission to a public University for an English taught program with my score? I have work experience of almost two years unrelated to the field. I also have a few months of internship experience and some certifications (related to the master’s program). I’m also learning Deutsch.


Dear Prajna,

Generally getting admission into a public university in Germany that offers free education is highly competitive. You would require a minimum of 75%, GRE Score of 320 and above. But, don’t let that discourage you from applying. Identify the universities and courses you are interested in and write a very strong letter of intent on why you wish to study in Germany, in what way the course you have selected is going to benefit you and why the university should consider you as a suitable applicant. I am glad you are learning Deutsch. That will undoubtedly strengthen your resume. Make sure you pass a couple of levels and have certificates to prove that you have a good command of the language.


Dear Madam,

I have done my graduation in PCM and working in a healthcare company as an ops team lead looking for a master’s in operations management in Germany any suggestions to get admission to public universities with scholarships?

Prem Kumar

Dear Prem, 

ESB Business School Reutlingen University, Arden University Berlin, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and HWR Berlin (School of Economics and Law) are among the best for operations management. Take the GMAT test and get a score of 600 and above, an IELTS academic test with an overall score of 6.5 and above. Go to each of the university’s websites and read up about the modules and course structure. Your statement of purpose should be both university and course-specific.  As far as scholarships go, public universities in Germany charge little or no tuition fees. 


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