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List of Highest PAID Internships in 2022 – Submit Application

List of Highest PAID Internships - Submit Application
List of Highest PAID Internships – Submit Application

Applications are requested from University/college enrolled students to be a part of highly paid internship programs. These Highest paid internships are offered in different countries. Students enrolled in various subjects can apply for these international internships.

Sponsorship of International Internships

The internees becoming a part of international internship programs will benefit from any or all of the following listed sponsorships:

Internee salary package with pick and drop
Health or sickness insurance for internees
Residence facility for internees
A chance to become a full-time employee
Professional skills enhancement by working at global companies

As 2021 dawned, the giant companies in the global market extended internship opportunities after the labor market began to regrow itself in the wake of the recent global situation. The data analysis made by glassdoor is highly suggestive of the fact that highly paid internship opportunities are available in the United States. Whereas, the technology sector provides the highest pay rate comprising 68% of total industries. Consulting and Finance are two other significant high-paying industries.

List of Highly Paid Internship Programs

The following list involves the companies that pay the highest salaries to their interns globally.

1# Roblox Internships

Roblox is a game creation platform that operates in the tech sector. Roblox provides a supportive environment for internships. According to research done by glassdoor for the highest-paid internships globally in 2021. Roblox held the top position as the average monthly salary for interns is approximately US$9667.

2# Uber Internships

Uber ranked second in the list of highly paid internships. Uber is a mobility and service provider in the tech industry. It also operates in the tech industry but provides internships around the world in a variety of fields with an average monthly salary of $8,333. Presently, the Uber internships range from development programs for MBA candidates in Tokyo to coding internships in Poland.

3# Capital One Internships

Capital one is a financial corporation that offers a median monthly salary of $8,333 to its interns by providing hands-on training to its fresh employees. The company is ranked as the third-highest paid in the list of internship programs around the world. The 10 weeks internship program enables students and fresh graduates to work on real-world financial projects.

4# Salesforce Internships

It is a cloud-based software company in the tech sector that pays an average monthly salary of around $8,167 to its interns. It holds the reputation of one of the best workplaces around the world for both interns and employees.

5# Amazon Internships

The list also includes the name of amazon (working in cloud computing e-commerce, AI, and digital streaming) which provides both classroom training as well as mentorship to its candidates. In addition, interns also attend social and networking events. Amazon pays an average monthly salary of $8,000 to its interns. The in-person internship opportunities are available in Canada and the United States.

6# Meta Internships

The popular technology company meta holds internship opportunities for candidates to write code and contribute to real-world projects in the initial phase of their internships. The company pays an average monthly salary of around $8,000 along with providing various benefits and housing assistance during full tenure.

7# NVIDIA Internships

Nvidia is popularly known for its contribution to video game chips and graphics.it is regarded as the best work around the world. Being a tech company, it pays a median monthly salary of around $8,000 to its interns.

8# LinkedIn Internships

LinkedIn – an employment-oriented online website- is yet another on the list of highest-paying internships.  The average monthly salary is approximately $7,500. In addition, various other perks are also offered to its interns like free food and drinks in the office, relocation assistance, paid company holidays, professional development activities, fitness classes, etc.

9# HubSpot Internships

HubSpot is a developer and marketer of software products. Under the internship program, it provides hands-on training to its interns. Being entitled to one of the best places to work, the company offers median monthly pay of $7,500. Working in the market, sales, and customer service sector, the company provides internships whose period ranges from a minimum of 10 weeks to a maximum of 6 months.

10# Expedia Group Internships

Expedia group works in the tech sector as a third-party booking website. It offers internships in product management, UX, data science, etc. This company is best suited for candidates who prefer work-life balance and a friendly environment. The average monthly salary of $7,500 ranks it among meta, hub spot, and Nvidia.

11# Microsoft Internships

Microsoft is a company operating in the technology sector. Its internships provide an office environment to its candidates and are open to students enrolled in MBA, bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs. The internships provide $7,366  as an average monthly salary along with relocation benefits.

12# Oracle Internships

The tech company is involved in business software provision. Oracle internships are launching pads for careers in engineering, consulting, and sales. The average monthly salary for interns is $7,250 ranking it among the highest-paid internships around the world.

13# Bain and company Internships

It is a consulting management company that is headquartered in Boston. The firm aims at going global through its internship ventures offered from China to Germany and Australia to Brazil and beyond. The average monthly salary is $7,125, making it an attractive choice for candidates looking for a highly paid internship.

14# Deutsche Bank Internships

As the name suggests, it’s a multinational bank that operates in the investment and finance sector. internships are provided to students in the final years of their studies. Internships revolve around the networking domain. The average monthly salary for interns is $7,083 which is quite attractive for beginner candidates.

15# Apple Internships

Being the most reputed in the tech industry, Apple operates in software, online services, and consumer electronics. Both summer internship and co-op experiences are provided to interns in their academic year. Internships are available across the world in various fields (software engineering, hardware development, and product design) that enable candidates to work on real-world programs along with getting average monthly pay of approximately $7,000.

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