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Hungary Government Scholarships 2023 by Stipendium Hungaricum

Hungary Government Scholarships by Stipendium Hungaricum
Hungary Government Scholarships by Stipendium Hungaricum

The fully-funded Hungary Government Scholarships for the class of 2023 are now open for admission applications from applicants of over 70 different countries for admissions into BS, MS, and Ph.D. degree levels. Hungarian Scholarships Without IELTS are also awarded to international students if applicants can prove their English language skills by any means with their applications. Most Hungary Universities do not charge application fees to apply for admissions and scholarships.

Here you can find each minute detail about the Hungarian Government Scholarships. So, collect all your Scholarship application documents and gets ready to fulfill your dreams of an international degree at fully funded scholarships.

Do you want to study abroad on fully-funded scholarships in Hungary but unfortunately can not afford to appear for the IELTS exam, then we got good news for you. Here in this article, you know about fully funded Hungary Government scholarship; in which IELTS is not compulsory.

Funding Sponsorship of Hungary Government Scholarship 2023:

As we discussed earlier that the Hungary Government Scholarship is fully-funded. It means it provides an opportunity for Undergraduate, One-tier Master’s degree, graduate degree, and postgraduate students to complete their education without any fee.

The maximum benefits that students can get under the Hungary Government Scholarship are;

Tuition fee, accommodation Contribution
Medical Insurance
Monthly Stipends
So, we can say that the Hungary Government Scholarship covers all aspects of educational expenditure for students. Now, the question arises in mind how much the Hungarian Government provides in the abovementioned four aspects. It all depends on your previous grades at the undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate level.

There is no tuition fee for students if you win this Hungarian scholarship. So, you can enjoy free education in Hungary if you avail of this scholarship.

Accommodation Contribution:
For dormitory place; Free or Provide HUF 40 000/month and, for non-dormitory Place; Provide HUF 40 000/month for rental purposes.

Medical Insurance: It provides HUF 65 000 (EUR 205) a year/person.

Eligibility Criteria for Hungary Government Scholarships:

You will be eligible to apply for the Hungarian Government Scholarships if you are:

Proficient in English speaking
Medically fit
Belong to a country that is a partner in this scholarships programs
Good motivational skills
Good educational grades
Fulfill academic course-related requirements
Have all the required documents for the application

Steps to Apply for the Hungary Gov Scholarship:

You have to apply for admission to Hungarian University following the below steps in order to submit a request for the fully-funded Hungary Scholarship. Here all the steps are described in following which you can successfully apply for the Hungary Government scholarship:

After registration of the account add your biodata information
Select your desired degree program on the application portal
Upload required documents
Proofread your application
Apply before the deadline
Then you will be nominated by your sending partner, after which your application is forwarded to higher education in Hungary
Documents Required for Hungary Gov Scholarship Application:

The documents that are required to apply for the Hungarian Government Scholarships are;

Online application form with recent passport size picture.
All the certificates of your study with the translation in the selected language.
You have to provide the latest medical certificate; no earlier than 15 December 2022.
Language proficiency certificate of the applied language of study.
Also, provide a typed motivation letter not less than one page with font size 12 and writing style time’s new roman.
Along with that, attach a copy of your passport that shows your identity.
In the end, provide a letter of personal statement to submit your application.
If you are applying for the doctoral program, then you have to provide a Research proposal and a Letter of recommendation.

Field of Study Subjects Available Under Hungary Scholarships

You can apply for BS, graduate, and postgraduate programs in the following subjects for Hungary Government scholarships in Hungarian universities.

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