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Government of Canada Jobs 2023 – Applications With CV Invited

1# Canadian Government Transport Sector Jobs

The Government of Canada has a very large transportation system that has been set up for a very long time. The Canadian Government has taken and still takes safe steps to protect the safety and security of the travelers traveling through trains, buses, metros, airplanes, etc. that’s what the role of the Canadian transportation sector is. Keeping in mind the efficient work of the transport sector, there are several job opportunities available.

Role of Refuel-er for Aircraft
People planning to opt for the Refuel-er job role are assigned the task to fill the fuel tanks of planes, helicopters, and jets. It’s a ground-based opportunity as the role is performed in the airport. Anyone planning to go for this job opportunity must have expertise in it based on his/her academic background. Special training is also provided to avoid any sort of technicalities. It’s a physically tough job as the refueler has to work in all types of weather conditions. Based on the type of work, the yearly salary of an aircraft re-fueler is C$ 36,000. But based on a person’s long-term experience, the salary may rise to C$ 46,800.

A bus driver’s responsibility is to pick up and drop off passengers at predetermined destinations. When they are on duty, they adhere to a set schedule. They have the responsibility of helping disabled people board the bus. The interested candidates will get a chance to become bus drivers in the government departments. The applicants must have a professional heavy vehicle license to avail this opportunity. The average yearly salary of a bus driver is $39,896 per year or $20.46 per hour.

Transporting goods or people safely from one place to another is the primary duty of a driver. They must adhere to traffic regulations and plan their route properly, and they must always have enough gas in the tank to get where they’re going. To apply for this role, the applicant needs to have a driving license and experience in driving. The average salary of a driver in Canada is $30,625 per year or $15.71 per hour.

Canadian Truck driver jobs
Truck Drivers pick up materials and items, double-check their loads, and then deliver them as directed. Cargo is loaded and unloaded. Basic vehicle maintenance is the responsibility of truck drivers, and they are always required to follow all safety procedures. Anyone applying for this role must have a heavy vehicle license. The average salary of a truck driver in Canada is $49,718 CAD per year or $25.50 per hour.

Heavy Machinery Driving Jobs

An operator of heavy machinery, such as bulldozers, forklifts, backhoes, dump trucks, cargo trucks, and hydraulic truck cranes, operates or controls the machinery. They run these machineries to help build bridges, roads, and buildings, among other structures.

Crane operators operate lifting equipment. They safely remove loads by hoisting and using cranes to lift them. They erect and fix machinery. Lever and pedal control expertise, driving cranes to the job site, setting up the manufacturer’s operator’s manual, daily safety inspections of the crane, and operating the crane under general supervision are all duties of the crane operator. The average yearly salary of a crane operator in Canada is $51,768 per year or $26.55 per hour.

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