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Get British Permanent Residency (PR) after Completing Studies in UK

Get British Permanent Residency (PR) after Completing Studies in UK
Get British Permanent Residency (PR) after Completing Studies in UK

If International students planning to study at UK universities, they have to go through the research. Most international students only plan to obtain a study visa and then a work permit and accommodation. They have no idea that the UK is offering PR opportunities to International students studying at UK universities.

Twelve of the world’s top 100 universities are in the UK, and the world’s leading universities Oxford and Cambridge are also there. It is not difficult for international students to get a job in the UK and start their careers. They can also avail the opportunity to get permanent residency in the UK.

How to Obtain British Permanent Residency (PR) After Completing Degree?

But the question is, how can an international student apply for permanent residency in the UK? There are five key steps you must take to obtain permanent residency in the UK. Read the full article to get details about these steps.

Step 1# Secure Admission to a UK University

There are many countries all over the world where students try to go for education and to make their careers secure. Every bright student wants to go abroad for higher education. The UK is one of the favorite countries for international students to go to for educational and job purposes.

If international students want to go to Uk, to complete their studies and get permanent residency in the UK, the first thing is to get enroll in any of the UK Universities as a student. International students need to apply to any of the universities in the UK for education.

Every University has its demands and requirements. Some of their requirements are common and the most important of these requirements are following

Previous Education Records
Letter of recommendation
Statement of purpose
Certificate of Extracurricular Activities
Standards set by your university for English language proficiency
Mostly IELTS is required with 5.5 to 6.0 bands. The criteria vary from university to university.

Step 2# Obtain a UK Student VISA

After meeting the requirements for admission to a UK university, the second process is to obtain a study visa in the UK. The process of applying for a student visa in the UK is very simple and easy. Applicants must choose the longest stay for a study visa. The name of the longest study Visa is Tier 4.

This visa will help them get permanent residency in the UK. It is best to apply at least six months before the start months course you want to apply for. The following are the months required to submit for the student visa process.

A passport
Passport size photo
Tier 4 study visa application form
Tuberculosis test results
Proof of English language proficiency
CAS Certified Form from your university
Proof that you can support yourself financially while studying in the UK.
Every university has its own requirements that must be attached to the above documents. Otherwise, admission will not proceed.

Step 3# Find Jobs While Studying in the UK

After completing the first two steps, if the applicants have avail opportunity to get a study visa for the UK, now the 3rd step is to work part-time in UK during your studies. It will open the doors for International applicants to get permanent residency in the UK faster.

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