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Cover Letters for Resume, Curriculum vitae (CV): Format, and Samples

Cover Letters for Resume, Curriculum vitae (CV) Format, and Samples
Cover Letters for Resume, Curriculum vitae (CV) Format, and Samples

Cover letters are not mandatory to submit with a resume, or Curriculum Vitae (CV). Still, many employers rely on cover letters to find out if they want to review cv in detail or not. An effective cover letter communicates with its readers in a succinct way and helps them understand if the candidate in question is suitable for the position or not. It’s necessary that the cover letter contains the type of details that make an immediate and good first impression. 

Unlike a CV, a cover letter is supposed to go into trim down the details about your professional career, your qualifications, your soft and hard skills, and your aptitude. An effective and well-written cover letter highlights you in a myriad of applicants. To write one, you should conduct thorough research on the company and the job that you are applying to. 

Cover Letter Format:

A cover letter should contain the following six things:

#1 A Header:

This section contains your and your recipient’s contact information, and the date of application. If you want you can also put your name and your address at the top of the cover letter just like you did in the resume.

#2 A Greeting:

It’s best that you know who is going to review the job applications so that you can greet them with their name in the cover letter. It gives it a personalized touch. If you can’t find their name, use their designation like Dear Hiring Manager, or hello HR manager. Always address the recipient with their last name (if you know it).

#3 An Opening Paragraph:

In the opening paragraph of the cover letter, mention the role for which you are applying and where did you first see it. Explain why you are interested in this job and this company. Show them that you have enough skills and expertise required to do the job effectively and efficiently.

#4 The Second Paragraph:

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