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BK2 teaming with Colombian soccer team Deportivo Cali to offer university scholarships


BK2 is an advising company for university students that is now teaming with Colombian soccer powerhouse Deportivo Cali to offer their players a chance at a higher education. 

BK2 teaming with Deportivo Cali of Colombia© BK2BK2 teaming with Deportivo Cali of ColombiaBK2 specializes in providing university students and athletes the chance to study abroad at the lowest possible cost. The advising company has sent hundreds of students to the United States on scholarships and postgraduate programs.

In April of 2022, BK2 joined forces with Academia Deportivo Cali USA, a soccer academy associated with Colombian first division club Deportivo Cali.

The purpose of the partnership is to offer the players at the Deportivo Cali USA academy hailing from Colombia an opportunity to access higher education on a sports scholarship.

Thoughts on the partnership between BK2 and Deportivo Cali

“We are very happy to have closed our international alliance with BK2. Our intention with Deportivo Cali has always been to bring added value to the institution and we know that this alliance will provide many opportunities for international scholarships in the United States to through sport”, Juan Yepes, a Director of the Academia Deportivo Cali USA stated.

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