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Australian Study VISA Interview Questions & Impressive Answers

Australian Study VISA Interview Questions & Impressive Answers
Australian Study VISA Interview Questions & Impressive Answers

As part of Australian Study VISA preps; an interview at an Australian embassy for students is also part of the whole process. So, if you are preparing for an Australian Student VISA Interview then this article is for you. All the important questions asked by Australian Embassy Consulates for granting an Australian Study VISA are discussed with winning answers.

Questions and Answers Asked in Past Australian VISA Interviews

Here is a list of some of the most common questions asked at embassy interviews, along with some tips on answering each one.

Q1. What is the purpose of your trip to Australia?

The case officer is only checking the information you gave on the application form. What you should do is respond with a brief and quite well response informing them of your plan to seek a degree/attend a study program or any of your purpose to visit Australia.

Q2. Have you ever been to Australia?

Tell the interviewer the truth about whether you have been to Australia before or not. If you’ve been to Australia, tell them why you went and what year it was.

Q3. How fluently do you speak English?

The interviewer may ask if you’re comfortable speaking English or if you want someone else to do so. Proceed in English. If you’re not familiar with English, you won’t be able to live and study in an English-speaking country, which could hurt your interview chances.

Q4. Please describe your family to me. OR Do you have any brothers or sisters? What are they doing?

Provide detailed information about your family, friends, and siblings. What they do, where they are, their status, the visa for which they have applied, their contact information, whether or not you will be residing with them, etc.

Q5. Are your siblings also interested in going to Australia in the future?

You should respond to this question with either “no” or “I don’t know” regarding their upcoming plans.

Q6. Do your parents have some sort of savings for you in case of an emergency?

Your answer must be yes, and they have savings if any emergency arises.

Q7. Do you have any relatives or friends, or siblings in Australia?

Mention the names and addresses of any Australian friends, siblings, or other relatives you may have.

Q8. Did you consider any other countries?

Give details if you compared studying in Australia to studying in any other country, such as if you wanted to study in Canada, the UK, or any other country, and why you chose Australia.

Q9. Are you aware of the working rights on a student visa in Australia?

Most Australian student visas permit full-time degree students (undergraduate and postgraduate) to work up to 40 hours per fortnight during the academic year and an unrestricted number of hours during the summer break.

Q10. Who will arrange your accommodation in Australia? Do you have any relatives in Australia?

Please enter information if you have a relative or friend who will organize your accommodations or if you are seeking homestay or hostel accommodations. If you wish to apply for hostel housing, you must know the fees and other requirements.

Q11. Do you intend to apply for permanent residence after completing your course?

Always answer no to this question as the reason is If you intend to petition for permanent residency upon completion of your degree, you will never be granted an Australian student visa.

Q12. What will you do if your student visa gets rejected?

You might inform them that you will try again and prepare more thoroughly for the next attempt, ensuring that you will not repeat your mistakes.

Q13. Do you intend to work in Australia after completion of your studies?

Please provide details. Clarify your intentions if you wish to work in Australia. You may state that you would like to work there for six to seven months in order to gain foreign experience. The reason is that your chances of obtaining a student visa will reduce if you intend to work there for an extended period or if you state any other objective, as student visas are reserved for those who are there for the only goal of studying.

Q14. How can you prove you will return to your home country once you complete your course? OR Will you come back to your home country after the course?

Tell them that the only reason you want a visa is to go to school in Australia, and tell them what your plans are for your career or family when you go back to your home country.

Q15. Who would pay for your expenses in Australia?

Tell me if the sponsor is a member of your family or someone else.

Q16. Would you be able to meet up your expenses without a part-time job, or a part-time will be just for you?

Tell that yes, you have sort of savings as a backup to cover your costs if you are unable to work.

Q17. Are there any community ties of spouses in Australia?

Answer this honestly if you have to mention their details.

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