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Australian Government Jobs 2022 – Start Working in Australia

2# Australian Aviation & Army Employment Opportunities

Helicopter Mission Commander
This job involves directing and navigating the pilot along with operating and managing weapons in helicopters through sensors. Along with this performing tactical analysis and communicating key information through communication systems for strategic purposes. The mission commander role offers a competitive salary package starting from  $90,955  in addition to opportunities for continuous progression and an adventurous lifestyle.

Jobs in Australian Defense Forces:
Chief Information Security Officer
The job role seeks an employee who is willing to lead and manage a Branch using inclusive leadership by collecting foreign signals intelligence, conducting offensive cyber operations, and enhancing Australia’s cyber resilience. The salary package is AU$181006.

An employee could be appointed as a signal officer( team leader in army communication services and IT), intelligence officer (manage military intelligence from covert sources), Transport officer (coordinate army’s land, air, and sea), and Ordinance officer (manage distribution networks) after training. While the salary package with this challenging job is highly rewarding which is $82,574 per annum plus other benefits.

TSO is required to design and evaluate workplace assessment procedures and training management. This happens through the facilitation of training and recruitment of instructors in the Navy to identify the individual need for competency to provide education/advice on training policy accordingly. A salary package starting from $87,989 is given upon completion of the military training program.

Director, Logistics Systems Sustainment
The prime responsibility of the employe is to manage the delivery of joint logistics information system capability to support defense forces, management of the sustainment program, transition to in-service management, capability risk assessments, and application of service design principles to develop a rolling annual sustainment program, coordinating the delivery of capability into service, and withdrawal of capability. The salary package is between $123,159 – $147,828.

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