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Admissions on Germany Scholarships in 2023 – Apply Now

Study in Germany Without IELTS on Scholarships - Admissions Open
Study in Germany Without IELTS on Scholarships – Admissions Open

German Universities are now inviting online admission applications without IELTS requirement for the fully-funded German Scholarships of 2023. Applicants can apply for all degree levels and subjects on German Scholarships. Education is totally free in Germany; and on top of that scholarships in Germany provide added sponsorship to international applicants.

IELTS is no longer a mandatory English language proficiency requirement in German Universities if IELTS alternative certificates are available.

Why Pursue Germany for Higher Studies?

Germany is a breeding ground for higher learning. 

More so than any other nation, Germany has a number of internationally positioned colleges, numerous classes to select from, internationally valuable degrees that guarantee high employment prospects, and low living expenses. 

Germany has become one of the most popular global academic routes in the world. As of the most recent national reports, more than 357,000 international students are studying in Germany for a college education, with the percentage gradually rising.

The real kicker is that the German free tuition program is open to all international students, not just German citizens. 

Numerous German scholarship programs, like the DAAD and KAAD, are also available in the country, which can be worth more than the cost of tuition.

Because IELTS is not required by German universities, an alternative is the English Language Proficiency certificate, which can be submitted as an IELTS substitute. As a result, IELTS is not required to apply for German scholarships.

Medium of Instruction in German Universities: English & German

Also known as an English Language Proficiency Letter, the Medium of Instruction letter proves that you have finished your previous degree in the English language. This letter of English language proficiency is issued by your previously attended college, school, or University.

The incorporation of this document simplifies your way, eliminating the requirement of the IELTS examination. Only when you conclude your Bachelor’s degree in English, you are able to qualify for IELTS waivers at German colleges. The registration department of your previous place of study issues an English Language Proficiency letter.

How to Obtain a Letter of Confirmation from a German University?

Get in touch with the German university you have applied to and request a confirmation letter. This letter will state that your MOI (Medium of Instruction) can be used instead of the IELTS test. Kindly read this article on the List of IELTS alternative tests accepted by German Universities.

As a result, you will have no trouble obtaining a Germany Student Visa in the long term.

German Universities Without IELTS Requirement in 2023

Following is the detailed list of German Universities which offer admissions without requiring an IELTS exam certificate: 

Technische Hochschule Deggendorf
University of Hildesheim
Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences
University of Kassel
University of Freiburg
Hochschule Stralsund
Ruhr University Bochum
University of Giessen
Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
University of Bonn
Mittweida University
Chemnitz University of Technology
University of Bayreuth 
University of Kiel
Flensburg University of Applied Sciences
University of Passau
University of Kaiserslautern 
The University of Applied Sciences 
University of Koblenz Landau
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences 
University of Siegen
Free University of Berlin 
Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
Braunschweig University of Technology

Germany Scholarships Without IELTS Requirement

Below is a full list of the best German Scholarships without the requisite for IELTS. Scholarships are available for Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs. Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe are all eligible for the program. The German Scholarships without IELTS is a contribution by the German Government’s DAAD Scholarship Program for foreign students wishing to study in Germany.

Because tuition at German universities is almost non-existent, this scholarship will support all of the expenses of the chosen respondents. Furthermore, the student and their children are facilitated with monthly financial aid and health insurance (if applicable).

#1 Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships

Scholarships are available from the Frederick Ebert Stiftung for both German and overseas students. The Foundation focuses on students with financial constraints or those coming from a family with a history of immigration.

Academics can earn up to €744 each month as a stipend. In addition, there is a €300 monthly flat-rate study cost that all scholars are encouraged to employ. Medical insurance and family allowances are provided based on the candidate’s circumstances.

The Foundation also supports travel expenses, tuition fees, and worldwide medical coverage, particularly for study or research stays, language courses, and internships of up to 12 months.

#2 University of Berlin Scholarships 

Berlin University’s program allows overseas students of any nationality to enroll in any degree program for free. It is priced at 300 euros a month and is sponsored by the German government through DuetStipendium and an unpublicized funder. 

This German scholarship is for a minimum of two semesters. To apply for the Berlin University Scholarship, you can fill up their online application form. The program begins applications in fall sessions. 

Tuition fees are waived for both foreign students and residents. The University of Berlin maintains a 15% acceptance rate, making it one of the most challenging German research universities to gain admission to.

#3 IU Germany’s Largest Scholarship Program

The IU scholarship fund, which is considered Germany’s finest private university, offers an 80 percent scholarship without the need to take the IELTS exam. It collaborates with the University of London’s South Bank (LSBU). Students will have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to earn a double degree from two widely respected institutions as a result of the collaborative efforts.

#4 Bauhaus University Weimar International Presidents Scholarships

The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar has an individuality, with faculties and subject areas including Architecture and Urbanism, Civil Engineering, Art and Design, and Media. 

Fine art, design, visual communication, media design, media studies, computer science, architecture, civil engineering, materials science, processing technology, environment, and management are among the more than 40 programs available at the university nowadays. 

The word ‘Bauhaus’ denotes a willingness to try new things, as well as open-mindedness, innovation, and diversity. This Bauhaus scholarship provides 450 Euros per month as an allowance for 12 months.

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