About US

ScholarshipNG is the biggest Scholarships Database for African Students. We provide you with a list of available Scholarships around you and also guides on how to apply for it with the requirements needed for the scholarship.

It can be very hard to find an international scholarship. Have you tried looking for scholarships on your own, but you never seem to find any that suits your course of study? Then read through.

Scholarship.NG has made the right scholarship easier for you to find with our database which covers thousands of scholarships from around the world! Amazing right? Our search tool can help you find scholarships based on your interests, so you don’t have to waste any of your time applying for ones that aren’t a good fit for you.

We make it easy and convenient so that students like you and others can easily find what they need without spending hours searching for the right one.

We have everything from full tuition grants to partial tuition and even living expenses will be provided with full details.

Start your search today by using our Scholarship Finder or browse through your desired country list of scholarships on the menu bar.

Let’s begin with, where do you really go to track down full grants? Your most memorable port of call ought to be your picked college’s true site, as they might offer their own financing amazing open doors for understudies from your area or in your subject, or potentially list outside grants you could apply to.

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