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82% Students Believe College Did Not Equip With Relevant Skills

There has been a growing surge in technical courses among Indians in the first quarter of this year. Among the top skills include Microsoft SC-200, Dynamic Programming, and Microsoft Playwright, according to Udemy. It also revealed that 82 per cent of employees surveyed agreed that their college education has not equipped them with the skills they need to succeed in today’s job market.

While 84 per cent said that skills are changing so rapidly that their current knowledge is becoming obsolete, 86 per cent said their employer provides professional development, and 61 per cent claimed they would leave their current job if the company did not provide relevant skill development, the edtech added.

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World Youth Skills Day 2022: Top skills in India
The top skills surging in India between April-June 2022 were:

Microsoft SC-200 — 479% increase in consumption compared to first quarter of 2022

Dynamic Programming — 235%

Microsoft Playwright — 231%

PCB Design — 214%

PCI DSS — 196%

SAP PP — 184%

Datadog — 141%

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