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8 Countries That Place a High Value on Tech Education – G Style Magazine

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You dream of a tech career, but you doubt if your home country is the right place to get the necessary degree. Maybe, you’re not sure the quality of education will match your expectations. Maybe, you wonder if this degree will be valued by employers in your country and abroad.

So, perhaps, packing your bags and leaving to study in another country is a better choice? It’s quite possible – especially if you go to one of the eight countries on the list below. They’re world-renowned for their tech education and industry alike. So, you won’t just be getting high-quality education – you’ll also have great chances of landing a job there!

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The United States

This country is leading the world in all things technology. After all, this is where global giants like Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet/Google, and Meta/Facebook have all started. And their most innovative projects are still headquartered in the U.S.

So, it’s no wonder why the United States is home to the best tech programs in the world. After all, those tech giants and their smaller-scale counterparts need only the cream of the crop to develop their products.

When it comes to education, consider the following eight U.S. universities. They’ve all made it into the top 25 engineering and technology schools (QS World University Rankings 2022):

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (#1);Stanford University (#5);University of California Berkeley (#9);Harvard University (#12);California Institute of Technology (#15);Georgia Institute of Technology (#16);Carnegie Mellon University (#18);The University of California, Los Angeles/UCLA (#25).

The United Kingdom

It’s true: software development isn’t something the United Kingdom is known for worldwide. However, this industry is quite well-developed in the country. Plus, the UK is a global powerhouse in the pharmaceutical, automotive, and aerospace industries.

And that’s not all: the UK is also the second favorite choice among international students after the U.S. That’s not a coincidence, of course. The UK is home to some of the top tech and engineering programs in the world at such universities as:

University of Cambridge (#2);University of Oxford (#3);Imperial College London (#8);The University of Manchester (#21).


Next up is Singapore, a tiny island country in Southeast Asia. But don’t let the country’s size fool you: Singapore is a big player in the global telecommunications, electronics, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing industries.

As for education, Singapore doesn’t disappoint. Two of its universities are in the top 10 tech schools worldwide. So, if you want to become an AI genius or create a new generation of robots, consider enrolling in:

Nanyang Technological University (#4);National University of Singapore (#7).Since English is one of Singapore’s official languages, you don’t have to worry about learning a foreign to study abroad. Most programs are taught in English by default!


Switzerland may be famous for its banks and watches, but its economy is driven not just by the financial sector. Switzerland is a major exporter of machines and electronics, for one. It’s also a global hub for scientific research and engineering.

While most Swiss universities offer non-tech programs, there are two that focus heavily on technology and engineering. These universities have also earned their recognition as the leading ones in these fields, per the QS World University Rankings 2022:

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