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5-Star Hotel Jobs for International Applicants in 2022 – Apply Now!

5-Star Hotel Jobs for International Applicants
5-Star Hotel Jobs for International Applicants

Apply for jobs at 5-Star Hotels internationally. There are thousands of job positions available at 5-star hotels in different countries and destinations. Just like most jobs in the world, working in hotels is a tough task too. The running, reputation, and class of a hotel depend on dedicated employees and staff members.

Their efficiency and dedication show how well a hotel can be maintained. There are two types of jobs offered in a hotel. The first one is guest service and the second one is administrative and support.

List of Jobs in 5-Star Hotels

Staff in five-Star hotels seldom complain, as Workplaces like hotels become fun and you are never really bored as new and exciting adventures keep happening.

Here are some of the famous hotels in the world where you won’t regret being employed:

La Mamounia – Marrakech, Morocco Hotel jobs:
La Mamounia is the top most famous hotel in the world located in Morocco. According to the research of 2022, the salary of employees working at La Mamounia is 10.54$/H and the monthly salary could be up to 2555.26$ including social charges and depending on the nature of the job (part-time, full-time, night shift, contingent workforce, and so on). The minimum education requirement is that one must have completed high school to get a job here and have a good experience. However skillful employees will be preferred. 13% bonus is given to experienced employees and +5% to the one who is in the mid carrier.

Raffles- Istanbul Hotel Jobs:
Raffles is situated in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. To pursue your carrier as an employee in Raffles hotel in Istanbul you can earn 5220TRY/month if you have an experience of two to three years in this field. If one has an experience of 5 to 8 years or more than that then you can earn up to 8500 TRY/month or even more than that. A fresher can earn up to 3500 to 4000 TRY/month.

The salary also depends on the nature of the job like part-time work, full-time work, and so on. To get employed in Raffles, your least education should be that you have passed high school with a certified diploma in hotel employment. Certified employees are given priority when hiring.

The Ellerman hotel is situated in Cape Town. Working in this hotel makes you learn a lot of like skills including cooking. The average salary of the chef here is 18,832 South African Rand. A receptionist can earn 16200 South African Rand per month.

And a normal employee working in all departments can earn up to 25,000 South African Rand per month. To work in a well-known hotel such as this one it is really necessary to have a specific course done in the specific department.  However, your salary range may vary if you are working for a few hours.

The Langham Hotel is located in Shanghai. The employees of the hotel get health and wellness insurance. After passing a certain age the employees are provided retirement plans. They even have access to discounts and free lunch and dinner and even snacks. How cool is that and who would not like to work here? However, to get employed here you must be highly educated. All these employees are given benefits according to the nature of their jobs like weekly work or hourly work.

Capella hotel is the most beautiful hotel situated in Bangkok. They provide medical, dental, and vision plans to their employees. A chef at Capella hotel makes around THB 52,000 per month and a receptionist can earn about THB 400000 in a year.

Further salary packages of employees depend upon the skills, education, and abilities of the workers. To work as a hotel manager there, you must have a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management or in hospital management. To get employed as a chef here it is necessary to have good experience and also a culinary degree from any recognized culinary institute.

In the middle of an island in the United Arab Emirates is a hotel named Burj Ul Arab. It is a seven-star hotel. Getting employed here has a lot of perks but getting employed here is not easy. However, it is necessary to have a command of Arabic and English to work here. The salary of a team leader and guest service executive is AED 3000. A receptionist can earn approximately AED 3360 and a senior chef can earn AED 8000. They give the perk of providing paid sick leave to their employees.

Emirates Palace Hotel Jobs:
Another magnificent hotel in Abu Dhabi is the Emirates Palace. Just like its name the hotel is no less than a palace. In addition to that, the employees are also treated like the workers of a palace which mean they get dressed up in royal attire. A con of working here is that they only provide an hour break in a nine-hour duty. Their salary package includes free accommodation, food, and transport. A chef can make up to AED 40,000 here and general hotel staff can earn about AED 15,000 TO AED 30,000. You can only work full time here so the salary package is non-variable.

Hotel Omnia is located in Switzerland among the beaches. The administrative assistant can earn about $38K annually. The front desk officer can earn an average of $30,000 per year. The education of employees working here is that they must have passed out of high school and further pursued their respected degrees. Also, they must know the Swiss language well besides English. Their salary varies on their designation but a chef is paid the most among all the employees. There is no concept of part-time work here so the employees are given a full-time job here.

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